Q:What’s around about you?
 The tallest peak of mountain Kirigamine, which is a part of Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National park, is Mount KURUMA(KURUMA-YAMA). Most mountains has grasslands and rocks. There are not many high tree. You can see views of what is Mt. Fuji and Southern Alps, Central Alps, Northern Alps, from the peak even if from the road is called “Venus Line”.

you can hike around Kirigamine about 2~5hours and go to the peak of mountain, KURUMA-YAMA, by chirlift.

Q:Parking(Car Park)?
 We have a complimentary parking in front of our Guest House.

Q:How early can we arrive?
 Check-in is 3:30pm. If you have an early arrival please do not arrive with luggage before this time. We ask you to please respect this.

Q:Consecutive nights?
 Minimum 3 nights stay required. In case of this stay cleaning is not carried out, but we will change towels. During consecutive nights stay, from10:00am to 3:30pm when we clean up room and house could not be stayed here. We might go out to shop something and to pick guests up.

Q:Do you have a Laundry service?
 We do not provide a laundry service.

Q:Do you have any hotspring near here?
 There is “Shirakaba-Lake SUZURAN hotspring”. It takes about 15~20 minutes by CAR. You can not go there on foot. googleMAP

Q:How do we get there?
 *By Car
Tokyo — Chuou Expressway(2hours) → SUWA IC — Look at GoogleMAPColomode GH
 *By Train
Shinjuku — Chuou Line Azusa LEXP(2hours) → Chino ST — Local Bus(1hour) → KRUKAYAKA Highland Bus Stop — 30min on foot → Colomode GH
We can provide Bus stop(kurumayama highland) transfer between 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Q:Can we change the Dinner time?
 We are sorry we could not change the Dinner time 6:30pm. We understand some circumstances are unavoidable(e.g.travel delays on the day) and try to accommodate these that we can, however we could not wait more than 1hours. If you are late 6:00pm, please let us know where you are.